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Full text of "XBOX Manual: Midway Arcade Treasures 2"

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■ ;♦■-. 

¥* ^, 



•lrfl 1 

Blood and Gore 
Intense Violence 




M4i*0-^AmiiMr™«Q«»** lie Ail iv«iiwf4(i MORTAL KOMBAT r* 

dd« fona amokMnnKK 140m*) Amuairan QamM uC OamaapvardM 
I^HrMfiiii c*Q«wSpY WMWi Ine Alfra>nama Uf] &?>■"*— lon.MQ»»i An* 
• »« L*m4t> ""i-o*U> *taa*<r w«ff i—aonMHWf » n* ay** d »-, nan lgfl<-n — fw 

Wo* or Mu-ny ((""• EiMbUI'um*!! Wc 

KHBo* Xtoi to* m- in* ken »-« ma kiui t^oi an >MpMiT»i ti»j.i-*ii or bummmHu o) Mwntfi Cb«mU> 
■■-■ vtO/W oti— couna— ■ ma »» mto j-w ton— fro" ■A e ro** 



■MaiHiK *■ wiiai ■ mi i iii ■ iii—i»ii« >■■■■(■ 



. im.i.><>. in 

■w* r 





S.ili u liiloMii.mmt 
Alsoul Photosensitive Sei.ut.s 

null per cent agr nl people mi tOpoKtl 10 

.mini «iuul image*. JO Clu dlflg fl whm g ll^ht* 01 pnii ins 1I1.11 mat ipMV fa 

■ no. Kuti | hi ii tit who bm na htttory "t tctnim <ir cpilnxy nuy 
have an undiagnosed condition that t in cause these "photosensitive epileptic 
• while wib Mng titko games. 

Theae seizure* may have a variety of symptom- unhiding: ligiiiln-jdidii.-s^. 
aimed vision, eye or fate twitching, jerking or shaking of arm* or legs, disoneu 
i jti<in. i ondniiui or momentary low ol awareness. Se (Hires may also cause lets 
ill lull" iiivuliium thai tan leu! ii' iiiiui I iiom tailing ilowt^or 

sinking; ncaiby objects. nop playing and consult a dm lot il you txpcrierkt my ' if these 
symptoms. Parent* should watch Bm m mk tlitii Jitldicn about thi ibow 
symptoms -childicn and teenager* an: more likely than adulu to expencim 

The liikofphotownsHivc epileptic seinire* maybe reduced l>> lining farther 
Itnin the television screen, using a smaller television nam, playing in a well-lit 
room, and not playing when vou are drowsy Of fatigued. 

If you or any of youi relative* hast j history of seizures ot epilepsy, consult a 
doctor before p 1 i 

Other Imporianl Health and Safety InlnrmalHMi I lie X1xj> Iiiviiiuimiii 

i contains important ■fay and ticabb intormation you should lead 

. iimmi; (fall wfcmn 

Avoid I » a in age to Yuur Television 

l>o in> I use with i main televisions. Sonic televisions, rspciiallt front- or 
Ml rypei. GUI lie damaged if any video games, including '■ ' 
■n pljvedon i hem Mam image* presented during ihc mutual EMIT! 
game play may burn in to ihe » rren. causing a permancm shadow ol the 

ullage to appear ai all time*, even wlien video games aie not being pi... I 
Similar damage nuy occur from static images created when placing a s ideo game 
on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to determine if video 
games can 1st safety played safely on yout let. M you art unable to find ihis 
inluimatiui) in the owner s manual, intiiati youl telrvisinii tlcalct or the 
man ulac t uier 10 determine if video games can be played safely on your sel. 

U nan l honied copying, reverse engineering, tnnsRUanon, luilili. pctftKn 

tent a), pay for play, or circunin lUJC prohihinseL 



Getting Started I 

Starting Up 4 

Main Menu 5 

Xbox Live '/Saving 6 

Single Player Gamct 7 

APB 7 

Hard Drivin' 7 

Two Player Games 8 

Arch Rivals A* 

Championship Sprint 8 

Cyherhall 9 

Kosmik Kroor'r 9 

Mortal II 10 

Mortal Komhat J 10 

Marc 10 

Primal Rage // 

Spyhunter 2 // 

Total Carnage 12 

Timber 12 

Wacko /J 

Wizard of Wor / $ 

Xybots 14 

Three Player Games 14 

Pit Fighter 14 

Rampage World Tour IS 

Xcnophobc / 5 

Four Player Garnet 16 

Gauntlet II 16 

High Scores 17-18 

Notes 19 

Credits 20 

Warranty 22 



Xbox Live 11 * 

I hfa game uipporis Xbm tivc Awaic If you arc an Mka //»< uiI-m i l« i Minx inr 
\warclcu you view your iricnd* htl and WC tnfcnmiiOP ftbOUt llicir RHU1 You tan 

jl*>> receive imirai ton* ro p!.it orhci \lio\ I in gamCSOnliOC luiindout how 10 pur- 

dfci*C J -tutHCriprioii li> XbOH /in ■'" to »n "klmui"" 

Mien .iy Arcade treasure* allow* you n upload High Scores n ihc \i*» Us 
t cadctbnard. licrbrc you can upload the *corc\ you'll need an Xbo> Ltnrl Samerag 
( on Mill )inir Xbox /.rur documentation lor municiions on creating a Gamert uj 


At ihc Main Minn *ckil Xxn /HI In pitting iln O Union logo R) ifa) Xboj 
/.nr Sjgn In vcrecn < )ncc you're rherc your (lamcrtag will lie displayed I UghligtN 
\i>ui Gamcnag, then im** ihc o i>uiion id go in iiu Pisa ' ink Screen Entca pooj 
prtvimniy tmttul Pan Cbdc ilicn pre** ihc O button again 


Ww ihc Midway Arcade Ikmmiih Morcboanb Pull ihc*aM ki^thiB m^gcr Bfl 

cjdc ihc gamea Pnstthi (>-pjd*in# id cja& the categories 


Select dikopHon ro rien game* Am umu- managed togeca high enough *coceu> 

nuke ihe li-adciiioard Setter ihc game iijiih and VOW MOK will It upliudcd 

Nori Von caiuioi p< ni more than one wore Ihc leadeitioanl will onl) pCH fOUM 
highcu .wore 


Ihc I rie-nd* liw allows you to view ihc status (1m im (hn im or PLAVINO Ioi all 

of the Iricrid* lomaiucd on ihc I ricnd* I i" 



Erpansiort slot A 

Righl lugger 


back ballon 
STARI mriaii 

Blatt Buticrt 
While butlon 

DuFilioral pad 

Rial! iriumbsiiU 

Quitting a Gamf in Progress 

■bank jfumc in ntogteti press the STAR! button during the game ihc Pause 
( rprions Screen will appear \elcci Exit Game You II ilu-n return to the Mam Menu 

Mfnu/Sub-Menii Navigation 

[Ihrouyhoui thi* manual ♦. # * and * will vignily prc*>mg I'p Down Left and 
Righl on llie l>pad To navigate through ihc panic menu- ir ( Iptjottt) use ihc l> 
I"d it . * . ♦ or 4 depending on ihe menu' to highlighl a sciceiion lo acnvaic i 
\t lection or aectM lite ncxi menu, pre** ihc © button lo go hack lo ihe previous 
menu and/oi caned ihc previous ■ ctc c ti o B, pre** iIk o barton 


Dm Mini MOW displays Ml icon ft* each of the 20 pauses included in Midway 
\rca>lc ireasurcs 2 1'icss the directional burton fiir4 to highlight an k»ii A game 
preview willbe.liipl.iycd in the center ol the screen Press the© button to select the 
I game and go i<> the Main Tiilc Screen 


lb view [he tck'ctcd ()iiiw< options, pre" the O buiBOTI I he options tot Hi* Seta led 
gmtc will be displayed Vim CM use this menu to adjust each games ti.ssn M i nv.s 
and your CowT HpUf li Setup , a. well a* using ilic Lt»\t> and At to\*si notions It's 
recommended thai you study the Contrail for rhc game prior to playing :se* 
C«M» H Si 'i r rWO pagl 

gamc scttings 

I aih game includes adjustable game settings Kit they will always l>c diiinrm Itascd 
■ m the panic sou sclcci lb make changes to pi me Ktringl pitfl (he directional but- 
ton * or ♦ to highlight an notion l lien press the D-pad * or • to make changes 

Controller Setup 

Ganteccnttoli arc available within each game '* Options 
Menu I'rcvs the O button to view a selected ;■ | I 
Option menu, then select ("ontkouib slii. Picas tlvc 
I ) pad # nt 4 i<> highlight the Default control settings, 
or select < tisrom 1 or Custom 2 I tic ( 'ustom OCQOfU 
allow you to configure up to tsvo personal conftgun 
tions. Once you've highlighted < ustom I or 2. press the 
© button to gain access to the comrols 

Highlight the button you ivant to change, then pnrw the Dpad * or * to assign a 
control to tlut button Repeal this process until you've adjusted lite comrutlcr tin- 
way you ivant 

KOtt Male sine you «vc any new COftflgUrafiorU b) returning tothcOpeions Menu 
to select Savf 

Study the OOntfOll Ulttd OtMCreen VV'licn you're done press ihc 
to rhc game's 0|H km s Menu. 

button to return 



I be ll<>mis menu provides informal inn icgarding live Hisiottv <•) ihc gum yeu'fC 
■elected Imni iIk Main Menu I here is also ;i Ctt tiuv tlut includes original game 
Dual mil adsTinstng material as wdl as a Vinep library thai include* inlcr- 
riemwitfa the original developers of the game Once votive scsrcicd HUtory. (^dkry 
>r Video. press the I )pad # or • to highlight an item, then press the © button 

Xbox Live™ 

sec Xikix UvE", pg g 


">""'» MB 

irTiFii gn 


a— KnQrWwA. 


Saving Games 

Midway Arcade Ireasurcs 2 let- you save rJlgtl ScOKSUld vtungs toyour hard disk 
We suggest sjving tn the haul dM . the nuns l< nuns you'll find in this 

panic , 

>.ita will be automatical I v loaded each time you sun your console as long as 
you've saved to rhc hard disl previously This prevents you from having to go 

'i rough the menus to adjust the settings tO your liking each time you want to 
plas iIk game 

nuke things eai) m mining on ihc Autosave Settings optk.n from the 
ppnons Menu To save scores and Settings manually, access the Options Menu 
hen sclcci Syvi 


I M'H i- ilw ultimate cop* ami robbers game where you pormy Officer Boh driving 

I iht- polke car in hoi punufc of bwbrodoen rbelcvebol >■" wpta) are meuurcd in 

1^ ' •>< ti u progtea in the nan lad the player man m«t ihc daily quota 

I I ii m nulbple 0b^Kf1*CS to challenge both novice and experienced pbyCl I 

I Merc itit daily ojuoa iiv incstfng the oB Cn de r i (Uucsbugi 

I drunks dopm honking ta*i\ hitchhiker, bikco. njXCtdcri ml 


I Said IPB criminals to iiil ShI Sniper. Jain ringers, l reddj 
I Pral i lam Oop and many more), Coflea bonus time oma 

I i iid and police car cnlianmucuis 

I i he game h era when you abaln km many demerits 
I Demerits in given lot not arresting the day'i Quota ol crtmj 
, nafa mooring innocent vehicles, cradling the police ear and 
I running oin of £>as 

By drivinji through Ok vpeed **'°P >"" GUI * c,ctl " ol " ^cral different cnhaiKC- 
ments tot his police cat including DUttf accckratioil, higher top speed, radar armor., 
puns j ml better brakes Intricate ciuni levels ol' each of these enhancements lor you 
to acquire I he ability to build a DMN powerful police Cat is an added iuccnnw bf 
you to use rise add-a-coin game continuation and maintain dm seiitekc. 


I Ion "i »ilil von like to ten drive a high-powered .ipom car on a stunt count? Non 
you luvc yoiii chance' Have you ever (limped a draw bridge or driven a vrrttcal loop- 
rhese thrilling mini* among oihci\ arc found in Hard Dririri 

Maybt highspeed driving b ymn type of 

cucifeinciil I'm ihc pedal '•' the nu- 
ll \ (.1 keep yOUl Control around die corners. 

w earin g in and out of tnfllc While avoiding 
oncoming can am thin and more awah son 
behind (he "lied of Hud DrMn' 


I Ins oitr<m-onc basketball game basically folhmi the normal rules oi bavkcikd! 
Inn does not account hir ibuk I'byen can actually light lor control of the I'd I 

I hi lmiiic basically follows the same rules as basketball ["WO poinCI IK awarded fix 
each haskci made I litre points arc awarded tor COOIpklcd dlOO made Mom outside 
the ihrcc-pomi line I lie game docs not account fix folds fa platers .n 

ro use ihc Punch tcarurc to make the game more 
en lovable 

I.iM.i>koc Pass, pens the appmiirbic Inittoti lo HI. 
out" an opponent, hold the button down lonivi |i 
youi team mate is holding ihc hall you i an tell Inm 
in Mn «>i nr Pass by pressing the corresponding hut 


lo Mock, press and release ilic M«»n Inn ton lo 
punch, aim your playci ai live ball and ptcss the Pais 
button lo perform a (living Meal, press ihc Pan "id 
ShoOl button- simultaneously 

I wo puns .^n compete licad-io-hcad, a i Kcond pttyci cancma igtuneai iny 

line ir one player is already in llie game 

In each race, pbyen compete 10 collect gold ivTcnchai Which appear; randomly on 
he track I bese wrenches can be traded in fin custom car features tuch ai higlier 
top speed, super traction, turbo tons and taster crash rccot 

I liere arc use levels ol each ol these teaturcs liir a 
total of 20 custom car bonuses There is also an 
unlimited bonus of increased score lor more skillfu 

An cstra layer bonus wrench is awarded to players 
who can better rlie existing "Best I ap I imc* HI each 
track As on Super Sprint, Ixmus wrenches arc also 
aw anled to players who start a game on a more diffi- 
cult level 

< banrpionship Sprint will be a surprise to even leasoned "Sprint" p h tycni 
there arc new tracks which offer utiinur challenges In addition, irack ha /au 
id ohM ida "ill urailually increase on each progress- w- 


< yberbali Z0T2 is tough, haul hitting fuwrijtii Ibotfaall I hi* game has all the 
fcrv ingredients of the original, plus mi in exciting additions <'ybcrball 2072 
i < mbittei i In best 01 both spoils and action vinn- rolled into one 

Select offensive j ml defensive pl.s i passes, lat- 
etal* Jii.l hiii/cs. Team captains i.m call timeouts replace weak player* and 
uiwve new ones. 

( vlufbjll 2072 has neatly 2W total play* plus 
ihicc unique high score tabic* 


Mr* --'Hi a '■"■' Otthf a mnthership coukl love and your mission is in guiilt K ■ 
Mfcf] back hnmr. During the journey, there will be obstacles in your atbtl I ire away 
U miih cocmici Mid il rou encounter an onslaught ol cncmiei activate yum ener- 
gy ihieW 

V\ In: iIk- oppufrtJon get! MO lOUgb to handle be on the l<M>kout Inr your Smart 
Bomb When i he Ixmili tunu red. thai' pour ijgml i<- «lu->i ii and destroy ill the 
enemies on ><>or screen 

I very ihird play, wi ready fot an ititcr-galaci ii vmi.i.v salt Kroox) solos ihe solar syv 
tem without his ship I 'or moM aliens; It s a waste ol energy Hut MM far KnaOtfl 
Yon II Ix 1 helping him pick up a lew ncceBJtiei fat the road u> ilic kosmik Junkyard 
AihI if you're a smart shopper ami deposit litem into kioo/r ship you'll win hi n 

n l.m 


K pJKOr A mystical realm, where an elite group of fighters gather for the uliuiiaic 

■nidge match 

Choose from youi brrorrlc MK tighten like Johnny Cape. 1 111 King, Scorpion, 
Ratten even 0m dreaded Sung bung Or select ("mm a h<m of new chal- 
lengcrv each more deadly than the next I hen punch and kick your way to the 
top using secret moves and fatalities 

It's tl»e ultimate mania) arts experience \» 'iih ptern v of hidden surprises along the way 


• a » ii 

MM 'cached a level of hype like no other sci]ucl in hisior v I In I ndcrground •" 
the Match I p screen arc clues to help unlock MR is six-digit encryption code When 
i racked, the game answers with a pit! ol power or dimension 

Secret portals allow fighters lo smash up *nd tl * n 
into ihree dinvcnsionally rendered moving ba.k 
grounds lor the ultimate In -level battlefield An 
expanded com ml panel indudci I "Run" button 
allowing faster, more intense pby liw cw 

Intense, live aciion and fully digitized light 
■ in i,.. make foi the moM icaliaiii action the 
industry has ever seen 

I'ress iht It-pad tf along with the © button to randomly sckii i Bghtei 


i 1 *r£, 

■Max Eorcc and lid Man arc on a mission to destroy ilie K K \ k i n nuiial syndicate 
i nd protect the innocent Junkies, punks, thieves, psychos ami murdcieis mn>i .til 
face the elite team's special brand of justice 

I tie dice team i- armed wuh machine puns and rocket 

bombs, the ability to cruise through the city streets in a 
high-powered sports car and fly overhead in a specially 
equipped helicopter Aided by rhc on-scrccn scanner, they 

must bust or kill the low tile tlut rules the underworld. 

Mr Big 

Along the way. there arc drugs and looi lo seize UCvUctKC 
fcir bonus points as ivase alter wast umolds 


Primal kagc b ■ dap nw global head-to-bcad hank- «<»r survival featuring men 
tik- ilk. dfeftiied dnonuo i ach "i ihi men character] baa in anew) <>* newt) 

seventy ritiinv unhiding ipccial and finishing moves I ach eluraeier hll it* Own 

end i ng 

Select one of teven fenxiomcHnoiaunthcn |*iund jwt opponent! into lubuusnon 

j« \< >n bailie ftM II ill I )i inn Blizzards I rec/e Breath lighting movi- Mi'p- you 

,■(1,1 |u«i iHinit iii> Mega Punch hunraen you tcnadeis Diablo^ inferno Ptuh 
cooks up a fifCHOtW in i>r>r barbecuing breath and ihe tcwl dispmiiug » km* dazes 
you (villi jii alxiiMlant tupply of Power Puke. Arniadons Out Guugrt Vmrons 
< nnnitn < rubec Talon's Pice Ripper and Urrtujr/f 
Scorpion Stfnfl every original arcade fighting move 

and bodily aiv ai yoUf liiipcrt i|K Get Read)' to Rage' 



Spyl lumei 2 b a driving and lhootin| panic using ■ 3-D pei^jieoiise from behind 

: l i ■ we die ear I lie ear ean attain scvrral diilcrciil wtapom op in (our ai one 

inn pbyen m>) play at the ante time cooperatively lata oui vow enemies ai 

MiU (olknv the Mm yline. but don't forpct to keep VOW ear loaded n ltd no pi mi \ 

1 liegamcplay iv vciy similar to the original but tlie play oevspcciivc i* ihicc -dimen- 
sional ~ meaning that you'ie driving into a horizon. ui> hiding going "p and down 
hiUl "Pcici Gunn' theme music play* rhrouphimi 


lis IW .ind the mi may hase olikially eiuled. but it's ilk ova jet! General 
■\khbnohtvil rulciot Kookbtan is ereaiiiig^iniiiuii lifcfevnuaJ lm weH-dclended 
bionuek-ar research thciliry Nit evil empire mufl be destroyed' '>"' govern men i 
iscnds i" the Doomsday Squad — Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem - to rescue 
Bi OGUJGI and capture the evil dictator 
You'll tew your fighting skills through three batile- 

ickls in pnrsuii of the demonic general Armed with 
fin enure arsenal of l«omhs and air-to-mivsilcs VOU 
niu»t dodge land miite\ flamethrower* mric dime 

muway jeeps a ltd nuctear time bombs While km" 
illg hosiago. players pick tip icons for bonus peiint* jik! 

n upgrades ind bj Icnowini secret password*, 
pbyen can tvarp ahead toihe final confrontation nidi 
i .i.i il Akhboob. 

[Iron and brut [hetoolsol your trade You "te about to become a '"ik 

woods Iu'iiIk i in k \ nd nun mUnon iim muscle your way through the i«m-«i b) 
r I topping down trees Iv'or. time runs our' 

I here's > job D lie done at the lopping cam p. and you've got a ii"ti DOSS who will 
naki- sine ii idOfW right Maneuver your kuper around iIk trees and start « hopping 
lit *urc in niike a iuh for il when iIk: trees timber, nr youll lie flatirntd lookout 
foi the angry l>ear thai tosses bee hi»e* your way Sreer clear of calamities to ' inidl 
K* job on lime and )ow boss will reward you with bonus poinU 

l mporarn i" check your time on the upper right HK noo ol the screen, hut l>c 
inatul rhe Boss doesn't like a dock -warciicr vtlni can't meet the OUOta I achlimc 

i Hi fail to mecT your quota. yiKi II lov<- one logger 

Once you pel the hang ol the job von i in hi mi h 
out. and take —n another player and compete agaiosi 
each oilier in a vigonuis showdown n Shopping 

I iu i >e your 'shouldering" iecbnk|ues in topple 
irecs dosvn on <ippoocni* and cieaie an on n men 
obstaele course Make n to the botUU rOttnd without 
a scratch and rake on a new challenge Nun all you 

HTM to do is balance atop a lloating lug and ymill log 
enough points ro win iIk game and really Imprtlt 
the boss^ 


Tlic pace builds llw points mounl I he creatures multiply lake on the creature* 
with kmo/r at the control but be on t\tc lookout li* double trouble I ach creature 
ii» a deadly twin and you mutt overcome them both k> turvhe 

shout one and watch bin oufva sikh* hi* twin beiore the vibrating nopi and 
you've made ihc rigbl fflOM I hcv both vanish trom the screen, lake 11 easy OH the 
First ■Cfeen.uyo paired f> agsmst one creature Alter the hh screen, things may 
take a Mini lot the ivon< I OOS out rot 6 pain of creature coinbi nation v You can also 
take on matclicd pahs of creatures, but be careful, shoot one and you'll liavc babies 
to coniciiil ivith. 

Ihe object of vv l/ini .» \Vi»i i« in dcKend Into the man) dungeoni of Hbe killing 
monsters, heating the W i/ird and earning a high score 

You contrail atfmatr sttsadron of mrrans and compete 6» icofeat the same time 
Wuilurs demtnd Into raiioui dunnecm naxn ban liny vWUeand Invisible m 

Worlings and iimk the Wizard him wit teamwork in the two player mi I 
important- but no) ncsessjrv to plav It one pbver mode (s sckvicd. the computer 
Incomes the second player 

Dungeon maze patterns appeal at random and have Escape Doors at either end 
i ire uwd tor urates)! odi and cmrj by ffferrioa to ■ -nr*-. n the monster 

Worhng* I 'hey are also a means ot' escape it* VWirluk It citlscr plasei bus the 
WnarJuk, the icon: ot subsequent pby is doubled Ilic Radar SCKCfl locals tlie gen- 
eral location ot invisible monsters in tin* tna/e toaltil ilic Nnmm 



loin .Maior Rock Hardy and < iota in Ace (>unn on 
Master \yhot and his horde ot evil robotic monster* 

heir micst to oveieoinc the 

■e hunt underground multi-loci city created by the Xybots is composes! of mazes 
ivuh k*kcd d< xin and transporters to connect different arras of the vjnie level 
Players musr battle the Xybots and reach the exit elevator to advance to the next level 
In the ma«\ you'll find energy pods to restore energy, keys to open door* and loins 

buy valuable supplies in the store At the end of each level, players entei (lie More 
where supplies can be purchased. Some supplies arc permanent, others ate only tem- 
porary and must he replenished 

I sery tew levels, you can race the master Xybot in 
i onc-on-onc duel Only by defeating the master 
\vbot can players advance m the next kvel I l>c 
penalty for losing i* to be seni back a tew levels 


I nil is 1'it I ighier the underground sport lighting sensation. I here's mi mortage of 
anion in (his no-holds-batn-d sttctt tight I 'layer select one ol three lighteo ED tal« 
on anyone who dares. 

\ou can unleash a lethal "Super-move" Anything in the path of this b MR to go 
[town Alter a match, opponents ate awarded a knockout Bonus. Isrutality Bonui 
Uid a I ight Purse 

Every third match is a Grudge Match wheat play- 
cotes the skills of each other The last man mind 
ing is the winner ot" this three-knockdown match 
VouM tight you way u the I liminadon Match to 
decide who Wins the opcwmniir) io dethrone (he 
champiOD, the Masked Warrior 


OH M' Vimi i favorite human munching, badly -behaved mutants base been cap 
mrcd' I lifoituiiairly fix (lie humans inhabiting planet I arih. brand new mutants 
hast Ik-cii sent hi rescue Cleocgc. 1 i//y and Ralph 

You'll meet jii three mocuccn as they darn) cities la North America, Ash and 
EunpdGd read) foi destruction mayhem alien rMrrminaiiuni and the best bul- 
111 awn - rlic people of Earth! Hope you're hungry' 


XenophObe is a space adventure game in which players attempt to csu-r mimic hov 
tile alien life hums dial lust ihai hast mtrrun the huge ■ loaiing "SraihascV A hot- 
Lsontal nunfcOl i> -phi loco three sections, one hw each i>f up la • three people. 

I'l .\. n ivanda Hound l (pace nation si looting as many aliens as they can before 
llicii health Of time runs OUI then Ms off to the next space statu m Raman mil 
liple weapon lypcv. including a dud cmn! 


Gauntlet II has <ner 100 levels irt action as you lake on ihe pOWCn of yum favorite 
Jayer. Discover the hidden gifts at 'Ik SeCM Koom. nunc I'scv-ii vf:ue with the fcar- 
somc dragon and watch out tot the Death ' oncol the evil "IP 

Stun Tiles, acid puddk. Ions fields and moving evils make yom pTOfmtS all itic 
more difficult Hut there arc mystical amulets to be gained, svhich will enhance JhOUl 
pmsin to repel the monsters, walk through walls or increase your fllTpOWCC You 
may even moss; some of ihe tru*e walls lo your advantage Gauntlet II is not |UM I 
tunlier episode in ihh enthralling crusade, its an action packed adseiuurr 

<• rib. I iiiib 










San Diego StudMn IxectHhr VI" Suvi Cram- 

I xiuiitr Producer -Wot lira 

Producer Nathan Rmr 

Ittaitanl Producer* Mall Vrlla & Nic<i Bihar y 


<JA Director Paul Sir mgiJd 

QuaJIrj \«iiiiiii'iii|-n"ot Krvin Piiurmrl 

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jring COLD'* "uncut" 

Music Video, "With My Mind" 





Blood and Gore 
Intense Violence 
Strong language 



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MIDWAY HOME ENTERTAINMENT INC. warrants to the original purchaser of 
this Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software product that the medium on 
wiich this computer program ts recorded rs free from defects in materials 
■ ii id workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. 
is Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software program Is sold "as is," with- 
out express or implied warranty damages of any kind, and Midway Home 
Entertainment Inc. <s not liable for any losses or damages of any Kind result- 
ing from the use of this program. Midway Home Entertainment Inc. agrees for 
a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of 
charge, any Midway Home Entertainment Inc. software product, postage 
paid, with proof ol purchase, at its Factory Service Center. 

This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall 
not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Midway Home 
Flntertainment Inc. software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable 

se. mistreatment or neglect THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER 

OR MALFUNCTION OF THIS Midway Home Entertainment Inc. SOFTWARE 

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and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so 
rie above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This 
warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which 
vary from state to state. 

Midway Hem IntcrtHnnmni int. 

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(408) 4/3 9439 

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